Sunday, December 5, 2010

100 Wins and Bonus

So today I finally got my 100th win as Protoss (and incidentally my 100th win on 1v1). It wasn’t that hard.image

It really wasn’t that hard as I have met a lot of Zergs recently and my PvZ seems okayish. It also gave me the final points to get above 1400. I am chasing 1500 and have been for a while as I have a competitor, who at the moment is at 1490 and I need to beat that!

But I think that the system used for the ladder is kinda flawed. The system is aiming at matching you up against players of similar skill which should eventually give you a win percentage of 50. That is fine, but if you lose the same amount as you win and then add the bonus pool component on top, then you can easily deduct what your rating should be.

It is your current points plus the bonus pool? In my case I have about 600 points in bonus pool, which should make my score 2000 assuming that I am currently leveled out at 50% win rate (it is slightly higher).

This seems stupid.

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  1. its just there to make it seem like your progressing up the ladder as your skill improves. You are in fact Improving but as you win and lose you learn more about what to do and what not to do. If your points stayed the same, it would be a bit harder for other players to motivate themselves to play as it would seem like they are not progressing at all.

    If you want a more accurate way to judge this, just look at your win and loss ratio. if you have more wins, you improving :)