Thursday, December 2, 2010

So Close to 100 Casual Wins

Yeah, it is not a lot and I have really debated holding of posting about until the 100th win was achieved. Unfortunately my life has not allowed me to play as much as I would like to.


I’ve realized one thing about playing 1v1 casually: You are simply unable to keep up with current trends in strategies. I’ve probably played less than 20 games since last patch and although the new roach range is not new anymore, it is to me!

So I am facing new challenges against Zerg. Even when I win, it doesn’t feel right anymore. It feels awkward and like bad games now and I haven’t felt the satisfaction of a win well played for a while.

I wish I had a week of vacation I could just spend on playing the game so I could finally improve a little bit.


  1. I felt the same way last week. It took about ten games before i finally got back in the groove, i lost 6 of those before finally turning it around.

    Try this, make yourself play 2 games a night. You need to get your hands and mind back to where they need to be so making it a habit can help. Whether you win or lose it doesn't matter the point is your getting yourself back mentally in the game.

  2. Thanks Aiur. Getting any playtime down under?