Sunday, November 14, 2010

PvP Adventures

Okay so this is one match-up I do not understand. Yesterday I lost to a guy who build a pylon right next to my nexus and then continued with a gateway. I killed his pylon with probes and yet he just built a new one!

I realize that I should have just built my own gateway. It would have been done before his and the won, but I panicked and used too many of my probes.

Today I had another amazing PvP on lost temple. A guy went fast blink stalkers and kept me in my base for far too long. In the end I won, but mainly because he entered in a few battles he shouldn’t. And the annoying thing is that only after the game was over, did I realize that the only reason he could blink up in my base, must have been because he had an observer there. An observer I should have been able to kill.

Expanding in PvP is something I never seem able to punish other players for doing and something that is suicide if I try it myself. It seems imba, but I guess it can’t be.


  1. I have the same trouble in the same matchup. I found that knowing what your opponent is doing is 10 times more important in this matchup. I had an opponent going heavy stalkers with some zealots. he wasnt being very aggressive as i kept pushing into his base, this kept him from moving out. So i grabbed 2 Immortals and went Chargelots. This was the first match i won after a 7 game losing streak against protoss.

  2. "it seems imba" - lol