Friday, May 14, 2010


I’m a little bit in shock over patch 12. Not that I have tried it yet, but I don’t really want to either. Maybe there is something of which I am not aware? Roaches were no longer a problem as far as I know Michelle_16-patchand Protoss have serious problems with how late they get their technology enabling buildings.

Twilight Council, Dark Shrine and the Forge seriously needs to cost less and in some cases take shorter time to build. And yet the patch went the other direction! And while the roach used to be silly, the armor nerf was just fine. They just need to fix the marauder and reaper too!

I think what I like least about Starcraft II is the marauder for its concussive shell upgrade. A passive slow destroys game play as it makes it impossible to disengage in a battle. I know Terrans feel that the force field is insane too, but at least it is not a passive ability.

Slow feels like something belonging in Warcraft III, and even there they had the wand of negation to cancel it out (at least in Reign of Chaos).

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  1. Not the reaper, you need skill to deal with the reaper.