Saturday, May 22, 2010

EU is Down

No not financially like the New York Times writes, but much, much worse: the server for EU is down :-(.

I really wanted to write about the horrible content of Patch 13. Protoss needed a buff and – as usual – got a nerf. I wanted to actually play the game. I wanted to know when I could start practicing my Terran gameplay, but no. was down from late Thursday until this morning. Then it has been unstable as hell ever since.

I even managed to get in Silver in 3v3. 2 wins, 5 disconnects of which 3 counted as loss. People who managed to qualify for a league at all, must have ended up in totally random leagues. N00bs can get in Diamond League due to their opponents disconnecting and competent players end up in Silver or Bronze.

But while they are trying to fix this, they could consider some of the absolutely necessary thing they still have to fix in the game:

  • Terrans needs to be nerfed compared to Protoss. Not like the (small) buff they just got.
  • It needs to be made clearer where you are placed on the global ladder. Not obfuscated even more like Patch 13 did.
  • The friend-invite is right now horribly broken. I do not have a facebook account, nor do I want one. Sigh.
  • Chat channels. Give them back to us, kthnx bai.
  • Let a party online watch a replay. Make this a priority please!

I feel more and more concerned with the direction Blizzard is taking I hope something happens soon to restore my faith in them. All I really wanted was Brood War updated and available on iccup.


  1. Now how exactly would any kind of nerf to the terran help at all? It seems just fine to me.

    The friend invite thing is absolutely terrible.

  2. I agree with Michael and I also think that I should mention that technically Protoss have been nerfed 13 times STRAIGHT! That means that in every patch they were nerfed! Also, the races seem more like protoss than their own distinct race. The zerg have only the ultra for damage vs armored and its health went down by over 100 points!

    Also, what happened to those posts of you crying imba this, imba that?!? Did you suddenly get mature? =)

  3. Sounds almost like you where playing the stock marked "game". Well you can always blame the Greeks :) (or any of the other PIIGGS contries).


  4. Wow, I'm surprised he didn't censure the imba this, imba that part of my post ^^

    Also, heres a clue as to who I am on, I just got temp banned for 2 weeks in the past few days.