Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lost Confidence

I play a lot of 2v2s with a guy I know as Sklent. That is fine even though I think our cooperation is less than stellar. The games are still fun especially when we are winning.  Rarely do we play 1v1 against each other as it is subtly understood that I would win easy. That misunderstanding was corrected yesterday.


In a series of two games he took me down so badly that it wasn’t even funny. After the games I have been reflecting on why I lost.

One thing is that his Terrans are easily the race that gives me the most trouble, but I doubt that is the whole explanation. Maybe part of it is, that what set me apart from him in Brood War was my superior macro. Due to the way Starcraft II is different from Starcraft: Brood War, I don’t think I get the same out of that advantage :-(.

But I lost a whole series of games to Terrans that day. Either I didn’t get Collosi out in time, in which case Terran infantry tears up a Protoss ground army, or I got them out and then he had like 6+ vikings and it didn’t matter. I’m starting to lose faith in my ability to deal with Terrans in general.

Oh and last, but not least. When a terran lifts his command center on Metalopolis he will land at the high yield expansion when I am at 8 probes. Then he will mine with 5 SCVs at double the income to my 8. I find it absolutely crazy that a Terran can pull off a stunt like that and be ahead right away. And it only gets worse over time.


  1. At least the blog is back on topic :P

    Did I mention I failedthe are you more empatic than hitler class?

    Anyway, look at it as an opportunity. When you finally win it will be so much sweeter.

    Oth. the game might just be unbalanced. Like wow 2.0, where locks could kill 3-5 opponents at a time. Blizzard did that quite intentionally because they liked locks more. Or whatever. Maybe they just want more people to play terran, or maybe the game is still in beta. Have you tried the other way around, and play terran on those maps?

  2. metalopolis strat is very common and if you scout the high yield and do a timing attack (2 gate rush ^^) then you can easily win against the enemy terran. I've been doing 2 gate rush on that map for days now and every time I do it one more terran goes crying to his momma.

    Also, try to flank the terrans, it is very effective.

  3. O and, I hope that you are at least winning against zergs, Fafner! Otherwise I'll personally find where you live(I know people), come to your house, and teach you a lesson in SCII(u need it too)!

  4. I don't play against Zergs. There seem to be none on the ladder. Actually I mostly play vs. other Protoss players.

    And 2-gating a Terran? Exactly what am I supposed to build in those two gates? Zealots gets raped by marauders....