Sunday, April 25, 2010

I’m in Platinum

Yeah! So I redid my placement matches after the big reset and went 5-0. Directly into a  Platinum League. It seems that while I get better all the time, the placement matches still manages to get a lot tougher every time you have to redo them. I wonder if it will be like that at retail too?


Among the 5 games there were none that were simple walkovers. The first game was against another one doing his placement matches. At that point he was 4-0. I felt bad about sending him to gold division. There there were two good silver players followed by two gold players. I even almost lost to a super early reaper rush, but fortunately he fucked it up in the follow up. I still think reapers are totally unfair.


I got to play then new map “Incineration Zone” twice. I really like it even though I anticipate a lot of reaper rushes on this one.

It feels very inspired by Outsider, although it is only a 2-player map and obviously a lot smaller.

I take pride in playing Starcraft is not a casual hobby and yet I have found myself to like the new achievement system. I want to unlock that next reward, get another badge and basically be an achievement whore. Really strange!


  1. If you get a friend invite key would you be nice enough to give me one? Then we can play each other and I'll finally let everyone know who I am.

  2. Hey Fafner,

    Hope you're doing fine, at least you're playing RTS games again :)

    Do you know where to sign up for a Mac beta, and if it's possible to play vs PC players?

    All the best,

    - Allan / Cantona

  3. I saw your question on DailyRush first. Check it out:

  4. Oh and by the way: Cantona I have been missing you and a lot of the other old guys from back in the then. I got back into Starcraft maybe two years ago on iccup, but recently it has been all sc2.

  5. Gx with the plat fafner :) and gj.

    It sseems luck plays quite a big role in the placement mtches
    as i net 2x copper 2x bronze and 1x gold

    and ended up in plat as well,

    to be honest im not sure what level i am at but my guess is high gold low plat but who knows its really hard to estimate esince the ladder system really seems hard to compare yourselvf to othr ppl. its a bid annoying tbh.

  6. Gz fafner. :)

    As for the randdomness, well, how do you match players with no apriori knowledge of their strength?

    If you take all the winners and match, you obviously get the best in the end, however, suppose the second best lost his first match to the best? Then what?

    I think that as more matches are played the system will provide better results

  7. Fafner, I'm not sure where you live, but today I thought of some sort of net café get-together when the game comes out. Epo, Britney, Gun, Mouillac, Odies, QDK, CtrlAltDelete, Superion and Filip have met a couple of times ago 4-6 years ago to play bw. It would be fun to meet up at some net café and play some games when it comes out.

    It's been some years since we played the last time, but a new meeting would be fun I imagine.

    - Allan

  8. Kristien: I don't think that 5-0 automatically means platinum and 4-1 gold and so on. There is something more subtle going on under the surface.

    Cantona: Frederiksberg. Last time I checked you did too? Of all those people you mention I only hear from QDK from time to time. And AiurAdun from the same batch of people (but probably no more skilled than me :-) ).

  9. Yessir, Frederiksberg C.

    I don't know when it'll be launched, but let's try to set something up at that time.

    - Allan

  10. All any of us ever do is building castles on the beach - which eventually will be washed away and forgotten.
    So untightening the bolts to reality, will eventually make you a happier person (since in your mind you can build better castles and control the tides)

    Gratz on your platinum standing ;)


  11. Hmm how to build a lasting monument and not having people bomb it or mistake it for a mountain? Pyramids anyone?

    In other news: Niemann, your alive! :)

  12. Allan: If you know you want the final game, Blockbuster has a pre-order bonus where you receive a key:

  13. send me an email if you still need a key: badesvin AT

  14. Don't trust bade. He is probably an invalid way to get a beta key. Just go on where they are(ALL VALID)giving out hundreds of beta keys.