Friday, April 23, 2010


The Europe has been pretty screwed for the last week and a half. 2v2 teams are randomly reset or is made to redo placement matches even though the team is still ranked! My 1v1 ranking disappeared after a while. Yesterday instead of a patch, I just became completely locked out.

outageNow I am reading about patch 9 on the US servers while waiting for something to fix my account. At first I thought they were insane. In patch 8 Protoss really needs a boost against Terrans (primarily due to the f*cked up crazy Reaper). Instead they buffed the Marauder and nerfed the Immortal. Sigh!

Due to the aforementioned issue I was already considering switching to Zerg for awhile. Judging by the feedback from the US servers this seems to be a good idea. The new larva bug, should make this extremely entertaining – for about 2 minutes at least :-(.

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