Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3 Replays

I wanted to share a couple of my better replays with readers of my blog. They are all games I’ve won as those where I lose tends to pretty disgusting examples of me failing epicly.

Fast Expand on Metalopolis

One of them is a Protoss vs Terran on Metalopolis. I fast expand in a haze of confusion and he tries to bunker rush my expansion. It narrowly fails and I counter. I have mixed emotions about the value of bunkers and watching this game should showcase why I have doubts.

The two other games are Protoss mirror matches. In one of them I get pressured a lot early on and he get an expansion up and running way before me. Knowing I am in a lot of trouble I warp in dark templars in his base. Probably my first successful use of that unit which was the core of my Brood War play style.

In the other game you get to see two player stumble around with a huge ball of units. The game is decided in one final game where position and collosi owns more units mixed with immortals. I don’t like Starcraft II’s tendency to be all about having a ball of units and just going for the attack when the position is right. Feels too Warcraft III’ish.

Download the replays here.

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