Saturday, April 3, 2010

We are the Champions

At least until tomorrow. I formed a 2v2 team with TS-Buzz (aka Qvist) this afternoon and we went undefeated through the placement matches. This is quite common and you end up in platinum league. Here it usually gets tough, but not so today. Probably because TS-Buzz is quite good and probably because we both have gotten quite a bit better since we got into the beta. At least we ended up as the top team of our platinum division after 23 games.
win3Notice the team at the place just below us. A dual Zerg team (which is just as imbalanced as in Brood War). We even played them on Twilight Fortress and lost to mass roaches and mutalisks. You basically have to go all out to counter one of those builds and they then hit you with the other.
Oh well, we were chatting over Skype admiring our  lead position when I suddenly had to refresh the list.
win2Apparently the bastards had gone on playing and had now overtaken. I really wanted to go to bed with a lead position, but  we both had a cold and were more coughing that talking. It made getting into another game less attractive than just relaxing a bit.
I refreshed the list again and now we were in the lead again.
win1 It seems that I have discovered that staying cool and letting the other players lose their position on the ladder is an equally valid strategy to that of playing!


  1. lol good job. You deserve it man.

  2. If you stop sucking I might have to find another blog to follow :D

  3. Oh please stay. It is 99% certain that this is due to other peoples suckiness and not that we are any good.

  4. Kristian, it's not like it's 1v1 :-)

  5. Oh it was an empty threat. I work a lot, and reading about how other people suck, is a nice way of forgetting that you yourself suck.

    Also, since fafner refuse to come visit me, at least I know why :)

  6. haha hopefully one of you would make a channel on livestream so I can watch live.

  7. Fafner, have u faced HD starcraft, Husky the Husky, or foxy?

    Also, GJ! I hope u get bumped down to #4 lol! I laughed when I saw the second pic.

  8. babytoss, Fafner has a EU beta not a US so he can't play anyone with a US invite.

    But I can :-)