Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Urge to Game when you can't

So we are about one week into our south-east asia travels and I am following the Starcraft 2 Beta on the sideline thanks to the free wifi (and my trusty HTC Hero phone) from Chiang Mai. Admittedly that this is probably a mistake as the news from the beta is just making me want to play and reducing the enjoyment of our vacation (which I still enjoy btw.).

The day before yesterday, while sitting in a restaurant in Chiang Mai, I observed an enthusiastic RTS gamer. The closest I have gotten to fulfill my own urge to play. The screen on his computer is rather dark, but he is playing Red Alert in single player. With one arm constantly behind his back and with a huge cup of ice and soda in front of him.

And no, he was not 1337 as to not need the keyboard. He was just a very, very n00bish player. Still fun for him though.


  1. heh, I've got about ten games of SC 2 in already. It's a whole new experience!

  2. Well gaming with your hand at your back while drinking is totally 1337 :-), especially if he can maintain a 150+ apm that would be quite impresive :)

    And Michael you gotten into the Beta? or just the Vs Comp stormping?

  3. I think he is just comp stomping. N00b :-)

  4. heh... yep! And it seems to me there is much less emphasis on micro. I haven't played a real player yet, so maybe the need to micro will be stronger. The computer is still too stupid. But the mechanics are keeping my busy enough. Just as always, my minerals can really stack up.

  5. EliteUberZergKillingProtossMaster F*cking A-levelMarch 12, 2010 at 7:30 PM

    The computer is in fact so stupid that it will implode of its own stupidity about 10 min into the game. But at least it has the manners to write "gg", wich about half of the human players I've played didn't.