Friday, March 19, 2010

I’m in the beta!

So I got in the beta thanks to a friend who got an extra key from Blizzard. Thank you, AiurAdun!
I’ve only been back a day and I am extremely jetlagged. Yet I have so far managed to play 54 games (40 1v1 and 14 2v2). My first impression is that the game is fun, but still have a long way to go before it will get close to Brood War in terms of quality. I’ll probably post more on that later.
The features of are still a little rough in terms of usability, but I have really been looking forward to automated matchmaking and now it is here.2v2_platinum
And I love the placement match system even if it by some weird mistake sent me to the Platinum League in 2v2. Pretty strange!
My Silver League placement for 1v1 seems much more sensible to me. Stay tuned for more SC2 Beta updates here.


  1. Hmmm, say there Fafner... We are in pretty different timezones eh. I believe that beta key would not be used while you're asleep @_@

    God, you've played 54 games... sigh

  2. hehe Fafner will have played more games then me before the ladder is reset :P, but at lest i got to beat him in a PvP yestoday where both of us completely failed, i just failed less :-)

  3. That is BS AiurAdun. You actually played very well and completely dominated me.

  4. Heh, no need to send a mail to ask whether you're in the beta now is there?

    I find it worrying that you do not think the game lives up to the BW quality yet though..

    Anyway, hope you had a nice vacation!! :)

  5. haha Can you do a FPVOD Mr. Fafner?

  6. I'M BACK! =D Anyways instead of typing them all out... I WANT YOU TO DO A FPVOD! x10000=10000 I WANT YOU TO DO A FPVOD!

    Anyways, congrats. I hope you meat up with HDSTARCRAFT once so he can teach you the true meaning of ownage.