Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Leaving for Warmer Countries

In a couple of hours I will be leaving this cold country and the Starcraft 2 Beta (that I didn’t get into) for Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. I’ll be back in a month but hopefully get time to comment on that “thing” from different internet cafés wherever I go.

betaIt seems like everybody else got in. AiurAdun got in thanks to some shady dealings. I hope this will make him update his gaming blog a bit. A ton of n00bs at DailyRush got in too. It really doesn’t seem fair when you have dedicated as much time to this game as I have.

Hopefully I will get a key and a second chance when I come back.

Until then I will enjoy the warmer climate of South-East Asia and Starcraft 2 at a distance.


  1. I've already started wanting the Starcraft 2 expansions. Starcraft 2 "original" isn't anything to be excited about :-]

    Enjoy cambodia. I hope you don't catch anything.

  2. So you probably wont want to hear it, but I've never played starcraft before and I got my beta key yesterday. Hopefully I can glean some useful information and learn how to actually play, as my first experience last night was one of total exasperation as I feverishly worked to build my army, only to become obliterated at the point that I felt like I was about ready to start moving out... lol Lots to learn apparently.

  3. Heh, I'm gonna play Cambodia with Kim Wilde a bit then.. Have a nice trip!

    @Michael: Some people are never satisfied :D

  4. lol at kristian's response to micheal. GL and HF Jesse. I hope you learn the way of getting pwned.

    To OP: Your a noob too and I thought you didn't want to have to "test an unfinished game'.

    Baby's back after a short leave and is ready to annoy people with tons of posts! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! lol.

  5. Gratz on the key even if it doesn't seem quite fair. I'm in Chiang Mai right now. Not in Cambodia yet.