Sunday, March 28, 2010

Danish Starcraft II Tournament

I hosted a Starcraft II Beta tournament for the Danish Starcraft II community last Wednesday. I’ve done that a lot back in the days and I also held two tournaments about a year and a half ago on iccup. Usually we would have about 20 sign-ups and when it came to actual participation the number would be closer to 15. Not so here… We had 38 people signing up and in the end 36 of them did participate. That is really great!

teamladder_chartIn the end PhoboS.cruel won after about 5½ hours of play. I casted some of it too on livestream. Apparently I suck at it, but part of the problem with my casting is most certainly all the administrative work I had to do while playing, observing and keeping track of scores.

The tournament was held on the patch 5 version of the game, but replays can still be viewed.


  1. Very nice pic, unfortunately its unreadable. How did you fare?

  2. Well, otherwise you would have had to rename your blog :D :P

  3. Well, otherwise you would have had to rename your blog :D

  4. GJ Fafner! You discovered people who suck more than you and a cpu who knows your tricks! I noticed when watching the FPVOD that your friends with HDstarcraft on youtube but you don't seem to know that in options you can put health bars as always on so you can make better judgements. Anyways, GL and HF! It would be awesome if you could commentate becuase then you may be able to set up a triple commentary between you, husky, and HDstarcraft. Now, THAT would be cool.