Friday, March 26, 2010

Lame Strats are Lame!

Blizzard finally pushed out a new patch and reset the ladder. Great, upgradeit is time to test out the game anew.

I wanted easy opponents and to get a feel for what it took to be moved from one league to another, so I started out on the (now only 5) placement matches with the intention of not trying too hard.

So I made up rules for myself:lame_strats_are_lame

  1. No units before a Mothership
  2. Only one production building of each type
  3. Don’t win anyway.

I almost won my first game and had to stop making more units. So I fell back on just canons for defense. Even that was almost too much for my opponent who spend about 50 minutes destroying my canons with Brood Lords. In the end I ended up 1-4 in my placement matches. The win due to some guy who quit like 2 seconds into the game.


Now I started playing in earnest, and quickly secured the number one position in my copper league. This is fun and actually not quite as much newbie-bashing as I thought it would be. After my 2nd win, I started getting matched up against silver league players, so the system might already consider me placed in the wrong league. It is exiting to see what will happen now!

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