Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I started out trying to experiment with the new league promotion features. I lost – on purpose – so much that I got placed in a Copper league initially and hope to abuse that in a series of n00b-bashing games. Unfortunately this is not how the system plays out.promotion

I got to play maybe 4 games before the match-making system started pairing me up against people in silver league. At first you think: Ah, I guess this is a side effect of not having a ton of people online to match me up against, but after a while it dawns on you, that maybe the system suspects you cheated in your initial placement matches!

After about 8 games I was exclusively being paired up against Gold and Platinum league players. At this point the race for the top spot in my Copper league started to get interesting. A couple of players in my league had obviously done the same as me expecting to get easy wins and others in the top really struggled with win rates around 50%. At this point I started to see some of my competitors being promoted and I knew it was just a matter of time before my number one position in Copper would be yanked away from me in favor of a lower position in a better league. But what league would it be?


This morning I was 13-2 after having joined my league, and I set out to play another game. I had lost only two games and won a few over people placed in platinum, so I guess I thought I was heading for gold league at least. The final game that led to my promotion was a very typical Protoss vs Terran game on Scrap Station. My opponent was in the top tier of his Gold league and rated “favored” before the game began. When the game was done, I got promoted into Bronze league and was deducted 273 points. I guess they think I got all those points too easy, when I was posing as a Copper player? The punishment seems kinda harsh, but maybe that is just me.

The game itself was rather uneventful. He went marines and marauders and tried to spice it up with a little harassment with banshees. I had my defenses up and was already on the fast track to immortals which counters marauders pretty badly. Game over and the promotion was a done deal.

Replay Pack added.


  1. Immortals are good against marauders. It's the marines that screw immortals.

    Your teasing me too much Mr. Fafner. All your vids are PvT. I don't appreciate that :-D

  2. I've got the replay thingy working! Lets see more replays!

  3. I've added my last 15 1v1 replays... Link provided in posting above.

  4. Nice to see the Protoss doing well in SC2 beta! Keep up the good work...I'd throw in a For Aiur! here but that's probably too nerdy. Grats on the wins!

  5. More people need to Say "For Aiur" tbh! ;-)

    but yeah right now it seems protoss have a bid of an edge against terran, me and Fafner had some test games last night while i suck at terran at least we found a good way to det arouynd getting completely owned by immortals, :),

    Grats on your promotion im guessing my promotion will be comming soon as well or i really am just a copper player who knows! ^^