Tuesday, January 12, 2010


A reader of this blog sent me a replay link on twitter. I’ve just finished watching it. It’s pretty entertaining without being very good. What surprised me the most was how high everybody’s APM was despite the ton of mistakes made. For instance BeJedi had an effective APM of about 120 without using hotkeys much and in fact most of his actions were move, rather than select? So different from my own style of playing.Stasis

There are certain highlights of the game though. A Protoss+Terran vs. Dual Protoss  tends to be nothing but dragoons and psi-storm. Not so here. Instead  Avisek makes one attack after another with tons of dragoons just to have everything stasised! It is so ridiculous. The game could probably have ended sooner if not for the number of mind controls used at the end too!

But I have some advice to give as well:

  • Make more probes! Avisek was the only one having prober probe saturation in his mine fields.
  • Stasis, zealots and mind control are fun, but mass dragoons and psi-storm win this matchup.
  • Recall is less useful than stasis in this matchup. I think you found out during the game.
  • Hotkeys, they are your friends. So is a lot of gateways. I usually get at least three gates per base. When I max out at 200/200 I get more.

And keep playing. It is always fun when someone else joins in the quest to master the game of Starcraft.

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