Monday, January 11, 2010

Bugged Replay

I was about to write a post about a Protoss vs Zerg game on Collosseum I played recently. I loaded up Starcraft prepared to take notes and screenshots from the game. But that was no good. Everytime I the replay got to the 40 second mark, my computer froze and I had to kill Starcraft with the Windows Task Manager.

So no screenshots this time around. Basically the game was a standard fast expand. It is hard to figure out your opponents build on Collosseum, so I had to do a forge and 2 cannons before my first nexus. Just to be sure. I have gambled too many time on that map and lost to a fast pool build and concluded that the canons are necessary.

So the problem is: You make your first gate way as fast as you can after the nexus. You need to produce at least two zealots to block the gaps in the wall-in and while making those I also start the cybernetics core. Once that finishes I make a Stargate, a Citadel of Adun and probably a couple of more canons.

This is point is where I become most vulnerable to mutalisks or a hydra break. If I think he will go for hydras I need more canons at the front; if not I need them inside the base. At the same time my economy is really starting to be strong, but I have still only one gateway.

In this game I wanted to show here, I suspect that if my build had been timed slightly better, I could have produced 2 or 3 more gateways that would have been done right before his attack arrived. I ended up making a ton of money while watching my bases being torn down.

In this the second game in R2 of TSL2 of Avi-Love vs. Kabel, I see that around 15 probes, Kabel stops making more probes for a while. I don’t like cutting probes, but I assume that it makes the gateway go up faster. Maybe even by a lot? Is it really worth it? Cutting probes early in the game tends to lead to huge disadvantages later in the game.


  1. Having your main base burned to the ground might also be said to be a disadvantage.

  2. One might say that ;-)... But sometimes an early game disadvantage in economy might save your base early on, just to be run over and burned down by an opponent with superior economy later on.