Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Value of Prepositioning your units

I suck at the game. I suck at macro, I suck at micro and I suck at keeping up my motivation. This season I have abandoned last season strategy on staying on one map and one match-up. I’m just playing on the most familiar Map of the Week against anyone about my own level.

Amazingly enough I seem to do best in Protoss vs Protoss and not against Terrans. Is all the effort I put into that match-up last season totally wasted? I don’t know.

Some days ago I played this game where the opening did not go as well as I had hoped. He had his expansion up earlier than me, his tech-level was further ahead and yet I did not have an overwhelming unit advantage as I should have. So what do you do?

My 14 dragoons and 1 zealot was outside his base and (as I later found out) he had 13 dragoons and one photon canon. Even odds and with him having shorter distance to his reinforcements an all but lost battle.

So I thought: let me arrange my units in this nice semi-circle in front of his expansion. After all, that is what the pros do. Shortly after being done with that he moved out slightly and I decided to meet him in battle.

To my utter surprise it went extremely well. His units came out in a line and were attacked from all side my my units. His army melted away. In fact he lost everything he had and my casualties were just 4 dragoons and my zealot.

After that engagement I simply killed him of in a matter of a minute or two. And the game provided an object lesson of how much prepositioning of units can mean. A lot. Apparently.


  1. Good job at that unit positioning! I'm glad you've discovered WHY the pro gamers position before an attack. I hope you've heard of! Its a great site and if you go to its Strategy section of the forums-> the recommended threads you can find some awesome guides! If you search " Dark Templars Abuse Guide" in the forum's search(on left) then you can find the best guide to Dark Templars I've seen in a while!(remember its about a year old but still pretty up-to-date) In that guide is a link to the Bee suit(Bisu) build! Also, BO=build order. GL at getting to the best level there is! How good is your Iccup rank now? Do u even go on ICcup? if not go to to get connected! Its where everyone like you goes! You'll prob get crushed for a while but then you'll get better and better by learning from your mistakes! Post replays at for the best rep saver when you need to post reps! On become a member and read the strategy forum guidelines and post a [H[(help) thread when you need help with a problem in a game or [Q] for a question. [I] for posting some new idea u have for a new strategy. also search for answers before posting! GL AND HF Fafner!

  2. I need to ask you a question, how would u list your favorite opening build order/strategies as?(1being highest) I mean like 1Gate,2Gate,3Gate,FE,Proxy gates, overall cheeses that you perform.

    Also, do you know if Tom Phoenix has completely stopped posting at his Learning Starcraft blog? I liked his blog last year and recently found yours and I would be sad to see Tom's go away.

  3. Yeah, I know Tom stopped posting. That is too bad. I really wish more people would write about their gaming experience in the world of Starcraft, but unfortunately we are very few.

    Your question is a great topic for another blog posting. Maybe I will come up with something tomorrow :-).

  4. cool :-) whatever you do, don't stop posting! from now on I'll have you bookmarked instead of Tom, first site I check whenever I come on the cpu. I heard that there is actually a pvp proxy gateway tutorial on youtube which I'll check out tommorow morning(night where I am now)

    You know something else we need? More NICE progamers!

  5. btw if you tell me what BOs your using(since we are apparently at around the same level) then I may be able to help you face Terran I use a really good 2Gate ranged goons build that gets you around 6 goons in front of your opponent's main/nat at the same time your opponent can get a tank out but BEFORE HE HAS SIEGE MODE! Always remember: range upgraded goons< bunkers/vultures/marines(ranged advantage vs all but maybe vulture)

    I got to D+ with strategy knowledge NOT mechanics so if you ever need help with strategy, I'm your baby ;D!

    Signing off,

  6. Babytoss saying quick that I am almost D+ now but I get "out mechaniced" whenever I face D+ people so as of right now I'm just focusing on getting Gate positioning right on lots of annoying maps. I've found the editor helps for pre-positioning.

  7. What is your iccup name? It's not babytoss :-)

  8. IDENTITY NOT REVEALED(why do u think I put babytoss as name?) If you ever ask for questions here I'll answer but I won't tell you that. I don't play online much anyways. I would tell u my iccup name except that my parents will only let me play at certain hours, otherwise I'm on my laptop with a broken CD drive(I used to play SC A LOT! ) If you post your BO here it will be a LOT simpler than if we play at ICcup plus I have more chores i'm asked to do when I'm playing a game than when I'm doing anything else! If only SC had a FOREVER PAUSED until both players agree on playing again button lol. I get a lot of money so I can buy a $150 game(SC2) but not enough time =(.


    tell me your BOs here and I'll help you with them.
    BTW, have you ever tryed to beat 8 cpus in melee with NO static defense as toss? I once did it and won by blocking my ramp with DTs and using observers+ ranged goons to pick off units trying to climb up. I did this and used a few shuttles to transport units to expansions. I used goons+ observers in hold position for cannons(at least these can move lol) I basically play casual with the mindset of hardcore. If I could I would just play SC my whole life, I have the money lol. now if only I could find a slave in America.... lol jk! But still...

  9. Babytoss here again...

    learn to do Mine Dragging when facing terrans. I've watched a few of your FPVODs and you don't do mine dragging which is the most deadly technique to terrans mid-late game! You use a speed zealot/DT and activate a mine while quickly running straight into the middle of the terran armada! If they are tightly packed then you cause a HUGE amount of damage! This has changed the tide in many a game of star craft!