Saturday, December 5, 2009

Season Goal 50 Games Played

I’ve reached my season goal. To play 50 games as Protoss vs. Terran on one map. Well, almost as I played 2 games on Longinus and one on Othello. My statistics right actually says trophythat I’ve played 52 games, but I have lost two games due to watching replays – really frustrating. So I am really 30-20 which means a win percentage of 60%. It feels pretty good even though I do not take my defeats lightly.

I’ve also come to realize that I am not very reliable in my game play and I tend to mess up in situations where winning means more to me. For instance when I play against people I “know” online. RushFlush, TS-Buzz. and 1pq: I don’t think you’ve seen my best yet.

And still I owe you guys a lot in teaching me what little I know about this game. My final and 50th game was fittingly epic. 38 minutes of action and me on 200 supply most of the game.

I don’t think I will surpass the 83 games I played in last season, but there is about a week left of this season and I am at D+ 2744 points. Suddenly I realize that I am only 2 or 3 wins away form the coveted C- at 3000 points. TS-Buzz. could jump from D+ to C. Should I not be able to make it to C-?

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  1. RushFlush and TS-Buzz are funny. RushFlush is 3-18 vs. zerg but 26-4 vs terran. WTF? TS-Buzz doesn't do TvT :-D My kind of guy

    Just watched your 30 minute replay. Gah that terran was a fucking idiot. Had sooo many minerals, and he could have attack moved on you with all those tanks but never took the chance. He had it won! Seriously though, we need to get together and you just keep attacking me over and over, trying to kill as much as you can. You could have totally annihilated those tanks with zeolot bombs/mine drags. A terran like that shouldn't even come close. I believe you have good macro.

    You're here with the big boys now Morten ;-) Hopefully I can see your best ;-)