Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Map dedication

I have played almost exclusively on Neo Medusa this season. I started out thinking it was a Terran map. Mostly because I used to have a lot of trouble against Terrans on this map. The destructible tempels, the ledge drops and so on.

The only two things Protoss have going for them is the wide open center (good for flanking is a plus, can be totally dominated by enough tanks is a minus) and the fact that there is a relatively open entrance to the start positions.

So I set out to abuse that for an entire season and it was okay. In the beginning I went 3 dragoons into dark templars. Then 5 dragoons into dark templars. Sometimes an odd amount of dragoons due to me messing up my build. It got better during the season too. RushFlush pointed out that I really ought to do a pure 10/15 opening and then transition into the dark templars and it helped. Later I came to realize the power of a pure 10/15 opening into enough dragoons was very powerful. “You could have won if you just pressed on” is a common comment on my replays.

But too many times I saw 3 already hurt dragoons get one-shot killed by a lonely siege tank and I dared not press on. I have come to suspect that the timing is extremely sensitive in this opening attack. Forget putting probes on gas for just 5-10 seconds and he will have siege mode when you get to his wall-in. My opening build has to flawless and it rarely is.

I am starting to get the hang of it and wonder how I would do on a map with a ramp. Destination is popular for instance. I will need to dedicate at least as much time to that map. I feel I ought to explore reaver control too. I used to do reaver drops and it almost never worked out. Maybe 50 games could fix that?

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