Sunday, November 22, 2009

Unit Control

I’ve been playing a lot 1v1 versus D+ level Terrans lately. And my win ration is way down. I smile every time a defeat sends some 2900’ish opponent up into C-. Thinking: Good Luck up there suckers!

But I still lose. I kind of think that RushFlush’s advice solved my early game timing issue, and my build and macro is almost on the level that it needs to be.

Months ago the most common feedback I would get was to have better unit control. Back then I was certain that I had bigger issues than that and I have worked systematically to get them resolved. They are almost resolved now, which brings me back to unit control. Once the Terran breaks out with his 100-130 supply army, my similar sized army just vaporize. I have no idea how you face a Terran army head on.

Some argues that I need to work on my flanking and prepositioning . I mainly play Neo Medusa and while the center is not exactly narrow there really is no space to flank from. The front is literarily as wide as the open space in the center!

If my opponent is late in pushing out I get time to start recall harassment. That usually ends up winning the game for me and he will never push out. But that is a different story.

So how to proceeed…


  1. It will be scary when you learn how to face the terran army head on.

    *It's lose not loose*

  2. Hi there.

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