Monday, November 16, 2009

Top 50 at Last

Today I made it to the list dansk_flagof the 50 best players in Denmark. It shouldn’t really impress anyone much, ‘cause Denmark is a very small pond when it comes to Starcraft. But it means a lot to me. For the last couple of weeks this has been my main goal. Especially after the following line at

Tror der er 51 aktive spiller i DK. Fafner kommer end ikke i top 50.

Or in English:

I think there are 51 active players in Denmark. Fafner will never get in the top 50.

Kind of funny, but I really had to prove them wrong. Which I did. Today. I am now number 49, but I probably have to win even more in the future just to keep my position. At least until Avi-Love switches all his smurf account over to be marked as Danish. I think he likes to do that at the end of the season. My only hope is that he is to busy being defeated by Ret, Draco and Dreiven in ESL.

RushFlush has helped me get so far. While I don’t think his skill is that far ahead of mine, he has consistently helped me get better. After having watched my commentary below he simply said: “What you need to do is go a 10/15 dragoon build and then switch to dark templars”. I did. It helped a lot.


  1. Congrats :) Find me on MSN sometime soon, would love to give you the advice that came to mind while i watched

  2. Man, i feel like ages passed sine the last time i played StarCraft. i was good at it playing locally with computer or my bro but when i went online, forget it, i sucked big time!
    anyway congrats to you on improving :)

  3. No problem at all regarding the motivation boost! :)