Saturday, November 14, 2009

An FPVOD commentary

So I got a new computer which now can record Starcraft games as they are played without inducing too much lag. It has not made me better at the game in any way, but there is hope of improvement.

So I have tried to make an FPVOD and even done an audio commentary of it afterwards in my broken English. Sigh. It is so embarrassing to hear yourself speak a language foreign to you. I speak English every day and yet I still have a thick Danish accent and make a ton of grammatical errors. It will probably improve my English dramatically when I reach Olympic rank on iccup ;-).

(Part 1 & Part 2)

The game itself is rather annoying as it does not follow the standard of most of my 1v1s. In that sense it is a bad example of my play.


  1. How delightful. I think you play exactly the same as the last vid -_-

    And you did good with the commentary... though you sound a bit dull. Let's see some Danish excitement! lol

    Try to remember, your goons are more important to keep than zealots, when you're pushing, your zeolots should be used wisely and have your goons do as much damage as possible without losing too many. You can just make zeolots from then on... kind of like the terran makes vultures.

    Let me know if you want to rumble in the jungle :-)

  2. Don't you know? We Danes are all dull...

    Nah, it is kinda hard to be enthusiastic in a foreign language. I could have done the commentary in Spanish or German and it would have been even worse :-(.

  3. Nice commentary.

    It's funny how easy it is to see your own mistakes in a replay, but how hard it actually is to improve and not repeate the mistakes.

    especially the idle probes is one of my largest problems, i know i get em everytime, and even though i know it, it's just so damn difficult to keep things moving

    but then again i suck even more then you :), and it also goes to show how much practise, and getting into a rythem of keeping everything at check, while still being able to keep the unecpected controled as well

  4. hey man your english wasnt bad at all. I could understand it just fine through the accent. And dont worry... i cant even master hot keys yet hahaha so you aint that big of a noob

  5. Thanks scmaster53... I am happy that you watched the FPVOD and cared enough to post here. Sorry that I didn't approve it before now. Don't know why the email notification about comments I have to approve does not work