Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Computer and New Delay

I finally got around to place an order for a new computer. I got it last week and have spend some time setting it up. Ready for the now even more delayed Starcraft II Beta.

Basically what I got is the following:

  • Intel Core i5 750 2,66 MHz.
  • 8GB of ram.
  • ATI Radeon HD4890 with 1GB of onboard RAM.
  • 1TB of disk space (7200RPM).

A pretty nice rig and Stacraft is running fine on it. Actually I think this is the fifth consecutive computer I have owned and used for playing Starcraft. Pretty weird.

So now I got this fancy new machine and Starcraft II is even more delayed. It is getting ridiculous.


  1. Nice buy, congratulations! :)

  2. Remember, North America (I believe) will get the beta first. Kind of exciting. We'll be waiting another year for the actual game, if they don't push it back that is... Might be trying to make it for the christmas season...

    Bah, ambivolence

    Nice computer! A god among computers! I'll be looking for a commentary of one of your games. Put a few drinks in yourself and you'd do great I'll bet.

    Solitaire ought to look amazing on that machine.

  3. I have recorded about 5 games so far with no lag what so ever. Unfortunately all games are embarrassingly bad. I'll keep recording until I get to an interesting one. Then I'll do a commentary audio track for it too.