Monday, November 2, 2009

I’m all mined out

I want to report about some impressive 1v1 feat, but to be honest I have experienced two kind of 1v1 games lately: The ones where I get run over in a very embarrassing fashion and those where I do the same to another. Not really worth taking about.


Talking about 2v2 seems more interesting right now. My team still suck so bad, but we are approaching C-. I say that now, because I am absolutely confident that we can make it that far.

For instance: Yesterday we played a 2v2 that turned out to be more than an hour long. The matchup was PTvTT on Python. I was the Protoss. None of the Terrans seemed to have any idea how the TvT matchup should be played so it was all defensive mode for a really long time. From time to time we switched ownership of the bases in the corners, but eventually we had it all mined out. Then it came down to an elimination match with what we had left. And a lot of tanks in siege mode.

It was absurd and hilarious.

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  1. Just that you're even playing starcraft 1v1 at all is a impressive feat!