Monday, October 12, 2009

Setting a Goal

I’ve been thinking a lot about Starcraft and goals lately. I’ve just reached D+ and want to think about what goals I could realistically have. I’ve also been playing a lot of 2v2s on iccup without, I am sorry to say, improving my game much.

I’m usually around 105 APM, and I can see a lot of mistakes I make in every single game. I don’t really have time to play a whole lot more than I already do. And I am not getting younger either. When watching the top foreign players and the korean pros, it seems so obvious that you ought to be 16 years old and dedicate at least 4 hours a day to playing the game. I can’t do that. I was already too old when “Warcraft II: Humans and Orcs”" was released.

But I suppose you can have goals lower than that, that will still bring a lot of satisfaction. Being a solid C level player? Is that out of reach?

I have also been doing a lot of community work. Especially by running the Starcraft community site that later turned into I hosted a ton of tournaments back in the days, but I really don’t have the time to do that either anymore. Or at least not while still playing the game.

What will happen when Starcraft II is released? I’ll probably take a week off from work just to play, but even with an influx of new players, I will probably be left behind quite early anyway. How do I come up with a goal I can be happy about? I enjoy this game to much to quit and just be a passive spectator.


  1. Have you listened to Day[9]'s podcasts? He has some very interesting and thorough ideas about the theory behind the game and to progress as a player - to reach those goals. He has made a bunch of different ones, some of them addressing the very issue that you wrote about in this post.

    I have compiled a list of his work here:

  2. if you can put in two games a day I think that C is reasonable - you just need to keep your memories sharp more than anything to at least stay at that level so that your practice on top of that can bring you up in levels

    I'd say aim for playing at least a game a day if you don't already, just to give your brain and hands a baseline of activity / workout regime

  3. Yeah, I do listen to Day[9]'s podcasts. They are very good. Unfortuntely the devil is in the detail. And they do not work nearly as much as I had hoped.

    And Lumi: I guess I need to get back into the rythm of playing 1v1 regularily.

    I still need to set myself and achievable goal, though. I does not necessarily need to be to become a pro-gamer ;-).

  4. I thought of a goal, here have a seat...



    I'm gonna say it...


    to consistently beat me.

    That sounds like a decent goal :-)

    But that may not be realistic eh? ;-)