Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Epic Failcall

I have been experimenting with recall harassment in late Terran vs Protoss and with some success. Vulnerable expansions and the place where the Terran keeps his factories (and armories) are the prime targets. It does not always work as intended. Usually because I have a wrong estimate of the number of turrets and units.

epic_failcall_small Yesterday for instance in a 2v2 with Darkan (replay) I did such a recall in to the mineral line on the east most expansion on Gaia. In less than 2 seconds I went from having an arbiter and a ton of units to having blue goo in another players base. It was epic and probably what lost us the game.

Gaia is, by the way, becoming one of my favorite 2v2 maps. In a way it is just another variation over the Lost Temple/Python template, but it is still very cool.

And the game taught me that PPvTT is even more unfair than PvT already is. Late game there are so many tanks and vultures that there really is nothing that the two Protoss players can do.


  1. pvt u must have very good macro as p. keep the zealot count up by keep pumping them and keeping the goons alive when your zealot fodder is used up. Thats the best way to beat a terran. build more zealots than goons. perhaps even some zealot bomb if he has no gols.

  2. It's so good to watch you staying devoted to this blog and its focus, but that's just the cream.

    Watching you actually progress as a player is the real cake here - I find myself interested in the story of Fafner and how his journey toward being a better SC gamer is unfolding, and so, inevitably, I keep coming back to see :)

  3. Thanks Lumi. That really means a lot to me. I mainly write for myself, but it is very gratifying that people like to follow my quest towards not-sucking-quite-so-much :-)