Saturday, October 24, 2009

Learning 2v2

I haven’t figured out how to study and become better at 2v2. I don’t think that it is as much a question of timings and build orders as in 1v1, but on the other hand it is. At least in the beginning where you have to know how to defeat a dual-Zerg-5 pool-rush (not even sure that it is possible to counter that).

Part of the problem that either your ally should be very good or at least have the same attitude towards learning the game. A team can’t significantly improve by one of the players getting better. The weakest link is what defines the overall quality of the team.

parking-ticketLately I think playing 2v2 is about as satisfying as the parking tickets I got Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

I want the satisfaction of playing with someone as well as the satisfaction of the 1v1. I don’t know how to get that? The closest I can come is hanging out in the chat taking breaks with your friends while you all try to do some 1v1s. I don’t know that many people who are up for that.

If that is not possible then I would like to improve my 2v2. Are there any resources available on the net to do that? Most seem focused on 1v1s.


  1. I think at least one pro team actually has a 2v2 team.. I remember seeing this while looking at some sort of roster. So maybe you can find replays of those guys?

    You may also find helpful things from reading Warcraft 3 articles on teamplay - the game enjoyed a much more popular scene of teamplay than SC1 did and the theory is generally going to carry over of course

    Aside from that, the usual things you may do to get better in 1v1, like map and replay analysis.

    With a partner, you have the luxury of being able to discuss a game you played or your performance with another. This can be hugely helpful as two brains see more than one.

    Another big thing to work on is communication with your partner. If you don't already use ventrilo with them, you want to fix that. Starcraft has a very fast pace filled with surprises - there is a lot of surprising data popping up at any given moment and you really have to be on top of that together - not just for reporting but in directing and changing directions on a dime

    Hope this helps some - for WC3 team article resources you may want to dig into the archives at to see if any stick out as teamplay relevant

  2. Hey mr.Fafner :)

    Vil super gerne game noget 2v2 med dig, hvis du lyster.

    Venlig Hilsen Jon/sPiKei/AutumnRain

  3. Well for me at least i feel Starcraft works really poorly as a team game, at least in comparison to wc3 where teamplay ended up working really well.

    In sc both the fact that rushes are extreamly tight on handling them in a 1 v 1 encounter it only gets worth in handeling them in 2 vs 2 encounters,
    Also the really really close edgde ballance that starcraft have going usually seem to get brokken in 2 vs 2.

    This is basicly why i feel 2vs2 feel a bid off in sc.

    allthough i still prefere to play 2 vs 2 due to my suckage :)

    /cheers and have a nice weekend fafner

  4. Aiur, that is exactly the conclusion that I am comming to as well. A bit depressing. But I know that every time I enter a 2v2 game and we face a dual zerg team I know there is no point in even trying to win.