Saturday, October 10, 2009

D+ in 16 games

I finally made D+ on iccup again. It took me a long time, but only 16 games to do so. 17 if you count that wretched game I lost watching a replay :-(!

dts_in_action_CroppedI have been following some of Michael’s advice in that I have (almost) only been playing one match-up on one map. So it has been 15 Protoss vs. Terran games and most of them on Neo Medusa 2.

I must admit that I used to consider it a Terran favored map and to some extend I still do. It is especially annoying how fast they can tear down the stack of temples and how their tanks can protect the entrance to both their natural expansion and one of the “arms” that leads to yet another expansion.

I’ve been relying on stopping and delaying their first gas expansion, getting ahead in expansions and then tech'ing straight to Arbiters. Basically holding a line in front of their natural expansion to keep them contained and relied on recalls to harass and delay them.

recall_in_action_croppedMost of the good games have usually only ended when they have mined out their main, natural and mineral-only expansion. A Terran can do much with no more resources than that. The 16th and last game that made me D+ is a good example of that. The previous one was too.

I will probably have troubles just staying in D+, but I assume that should I fall back to D, I can make it back up again.

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