Monday, October 5, 2009

The Most Depressing Loss

So yesterday I ventured online to play a game or two on iccup. I played one amazingly tough 1v1 on Neo Medusa and won after close to 40 minutes. I was exhausted after that and somewhat impressed by CttWalla for holding out so long and even putting me under pressure up until the very end.

I hung out in chat afterwards and my friend X-Rated came online wanting to show me a replay of a game he had just played. It was an interesting replay and about 15 minutes into the replay my computer froze up as it sometimes do. I had to reset, which I did and then I logged back onto iccup.

X-Rated was still online and laughing out loud: he had received a win for watching the replay with me and I had received a corresponding loss!

All my exhausting playtime vs. CttWalla was negated by watching a replay! I was so annoyed. I don’t consider myself a stat-whore, but setting a goal and trying to accomplish it is part of the Starcraft experience. It is very demoralizing to have it all be in vain.

I’ve tried to have the game annulled, by posting on the forum on iccup. By making a manual complaint with another replay (you need a replay to make a complaint and as I played no game, I have no replay to complain about) and I have tried to complain by filing a complaint for the game actually listed. So far: no response. I am still waiting…


  1. Couldn't you just post the replay to someone else and hope they dc?? :)

  2. It sounds like a nerdy version of the movie The Ring. Maybe show/copy the replay to someone to escape its infernal clutches!

    - Odies

  3. Hello!

    I started to play iCCup yesterday, because of this blog! I must say, I enjoy reading your stories, and looking forward to meet you on iCCup!

    My screenname: on iCCup is SeReniTy84.

    I'm playing SC since end of July/early August, and I played many LAN games. My APM is 60-ish, and I know some basic builds, but struggling to execute them :-)

    I'm trying to improve, so I really want to play with you sometime! Contact me by replying to my comment here, or sending a mail to - if you're interested, of course!