Friday, August 14, 2009

Playing 2v2s

Due to my extremly bad iccup season, I’ve been playing a lot of 2v2s on I feel bad about it, but since I suck, I assume that is one thing that I can be kinda good at.

A 2v2 is something completely different from a 1v1: It is a cheesy rush game and it is a lot more about being coordinated with your ally. When you get in that “we do things in synch”-mode with your ally it is great and when you don’t, you wish you were playing 1v1 and losing on iccup instead.


Color Player Race
W duel_raptor Protoss
B Drummer_RelaX Terran
Y TS-Buzz. Terran
R FafnerX Protoss

Download link.

Color Player Race
B hi_hf_gl_ff_GO Zerg
P eZ-Dragon Terran
G TS-Buzz. Terran
W FafnerX Protoss

Download link.

TS-Buzz. is a regular Starcraft-buddy of mine and we are at about the same level. Our games work out well together. Often I play with another guy called Darkan, and he is slightly worse.

This game is bad. I am annihilated early and now Darkan faces the Orange opponent on his own. Doom seems inevitable, but we talk on Skype and I guide him through the game. At then end I am called n00b and Darkan is praised. We both laughed about it.

Color Player Race
R duel_raptor Zerg
O JULEK12 Terran
B Darkan Terran
P FafnerX Protoss

Download link.

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