Monday, August 17, 2009

Vacation Time and Single Player

Not just from playing Starcraft but from my mundane life too. Tomorrow I’m going away for a little while. Just for some sunshine, exiting food and relaxation and no gaming.

It is still my goal to reach 100 played 1 on 1 games on iccup before the end of the season, but playing 2 on 2 has taken up a lot of time. Also, my computer has become kind of unstable, which also tend to demotivate me a bit. I’ve gotten two loses out of sudden crashes lately and that pisses me of.

I have money reserved for a new computer, but I am awaiting the release of Windows 7 and Starcraft , what ever might come first (and who would have thought that Microsoft could deliver software faster than Blizzard?).

Today’s announcement about the single player campaign: Yawn! Admittedly it looks cool and I may even end up playing it, but compared to my excitement about multiplayer, then this is a long way down the line of my priorities.

I hate when Dustin Browder in one interview talks about how the matchmaking system will work and is very unspecific. Here is a newsflash for you: It most certainly did not work in Warcraft III. In fact, I predict that any game that has no cost associated with creating a new account or resetting your existing account will not work for lower ranked players.

And I know that high ranked Warcraft III players think the current system is broken too. They play team games an lose just so they can be matched up against newbies in 1 on 1. So in fact you need to punish players for losing on purpose as well!

I’d like to see how they address that :-) Hopefully they will during Blizzcon and I can return to rainy Denmark and read all about.


  1. What kind of vacation is that with no gaming!?!?

  2. I went for 2 weeks without internet. It's not that hard.

    Going to Alaska in 3 days. Vacation and whale watching and good food.

  3. You can download windows 7.0 english final version with your MSDN account.

  4. heh you could go visit a college and do some sc studying :)