Monday, August 3, 2009

Congratulations Michael!

While my games this season has been horrible, it looks like Michael has had a fair amount of success. He is now a solid D+ and I envy him quite a bit.

At the same time I am struggling to stay in D, occasionally dropping down to D-. It is very frustrating. I wonder if Michael has found the magic recipe for improvement? I know that he picks his games to be Terran vs Zerg on Destination only. One would think that it wouldn't matter that much that the map stays the same. In comparison I only play one map a week, always picking the map-of-the-week that I am the most familiar with.

Last season I overwhelmingly played Zergs and this season has been more mixed with maybe a slight over representation of Protoss. I'm considering going on like I do now until I reach 100 games and then switch to playing like Michael does. One map, one matchup for a ton of games until I get the hang of it.


  1. :-) Thanks. It's not easy being greasy. We've got a month to got before season changes. Get to it buddy!

  2. I suppose it works like in chess. If you know the optimal first 20 opening moves, then you have a fair chance of entering the middle game with an advantage.

    In this game I suppose you could have an even bigger advantage since you will know exactly where to place each building, how far the scouts can get, and you would be a lot faster in reacting to the possible strategies of your opponents.

    All in all, I'd say it will give you the upper hand, but as in chess not quite enough to win the game against a much stronger opponent, or someone who played the opening more than you have.

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