Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Victory – eludes me again

So in secrecy I signed up for a tournament hosted by www.sc2pod.com suspecting that mostly casual players would compete. I did – on purpose – not make a big announcement on the blog about it because I know I suck and did not want to jinx it. It was a double elimination tournament where each set was played as a best of 3. A ton of games. Most players were Protoss.

All games were supposed to be done on one Sunday evening, but in the end it simply got to late and the final couple of games were played yesterday. Sunday ended well for me.


Since I got so far in the tournament I didn’t get to see that many of the other games that the they streamed (you have to go to about 2h50m to see any of my games). My impression was that there were quite a lot around my own level and about as many at a level or two below.

So Sunday I won the winner’s bracket and my opponent from the final Khalleb had to play the final of the loser’s bracket. After having won that yesterday we played again and this time around I threw away the games completely. I think my main problem as a player is a lack of consistency and Sunday I played my very best and Monday my very worst.

Replays: Download here.


  1. wow fafner you're getting really good.

  2. I dont think its too bad either. Just hang in there :)

  3. I just finished watching the replays... you did really well with reavers the first few games. I'm not sure why you didn't do the exact same thing in the last two.

    But you sure had that reaver thing down good. I laughed everytime a scarab launches at his probes. And it was also funny how you both were racing to who'd finish the other first.