Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I’d like to report some improvements, but unfortunately I have none. Well, my APM has gone up a notch again but at the cost of some precision I think. Hopefully that will come back.

I played 3 PvZ on iccup tonight and lost them all. Frustrated I logged on to battle.net and met up King[RCG]. He is a danish old-timers. He told me he picked the game up again two days ago, so naturally I challenged him hoping to get an easy kill. He beat me in 10 minutes on Destination – a map he had never seen before.

Sigh! I … suck … so … bad. Why can I not learn?


  1. You don't use your brain.
    Some people are just smarter and process information faster.

  2. Ha... ptoss you are so wrong. Fafner, you just gotta get those pro strats and copy them and work at it.