Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Map: Andromeda

I really don’t like this map. Not just because I lost three games on it tonight (I suck, I’ve told you so before), but because it is so hard to figure out where to place your buildings.


If you place your buildings around your nexus, dragoons tends to get stuck and it is hard to fit them all on one screen. This makes bookmarking all your gateways on F4 really hard.

I tend to build my buildings in the white area as it is easier to fit gateways to the left and right of a pylon as compared to north and south of one. On the other hand this means that your units have to get past your main on their way out. Not a smart layout.

Placing your gateways in the yellow area seems to be the correct answer, but it requires you to place a pylon about the center of the yellow rectangle pretty early in a game. Probably the first or second pylon depending on whether you fast expand or not.

Against Zerg this seems a bit dangerous as well. You want your buildings in tight so you can defend your base against mutalisk harassment with as few units and canons as possible. Not easy on this map.


  1. Wow, I just won a game on this map.

  2. Ehm, against Zerg the first pylon would be infront of natural ofc.

    I always place pylons all the way to the side. U easily loose if your units are hindered. the cool thing imo, is that you can place cannons near the entrance to your natural, but at high ground.

  3. #RushFlush: That is why I said " depending on whether you fast expand or not.". I usually fast expand vs. zerg.