Sunday, July 5, 2009


So I play 1-on-1s on iccup and want to win. I rarely do, ‘cause I suck. Sometimes I get in contact with more casual players who are even worse than me and we go 2-on-2 or something similar. Recently I have been playing a lot of games with one guy called Darkan.

He is a 60’ish APM player and he has a lot to learn still. Today we played and won an amazing series of games. The most impressive of them were a 2-on-2 on Python, where we were Protoss and Terran vs two Terrans. During the game I felt that I dominated the game so much and that is a very nice feeling.

perferct_storm2I especially like this “perfect psi-storm”. My two templars killed a total of 16 SCVs in 4 storms combined. I like both the drop and the use of the magic box to cast them simultaneously.

When we had almost won, I ran into a huge number of battle cruisers and got of an amazing stasis. That was another nice detail in a long game.


Most of the game I had a supply around 170 and that was almost as much as both of our opponents combined. Amazing.

Replay: Download This!


  1. Love your blog. Message me if u want to play a game. I am a very very very very casual player. My msn:

  2. Could you also put Starcraft Armory as a link in your LINKS section. It's a pretty good site with a good community