Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Terran Wall of Tanks

So this season has been horrible so far. I am not doing well. This season I have encountered a ton of Terrans and Protoss players – so many in fact, that I have lost what little skill I had against Zerg too.

My largest problem is still Terran. On most map there is no way to scout whether they are fast expanding or doing a quick push. As soon as the first marine or two is out, the probe I have out scouting is soon to die. You may catch if the Terran is doing something extremely cheesy, but that is about it. Usually you just see that the first factory goes up and that is it. The wall-in prevents you from sending another scout too.

So my conclusion is that you have to assume that he will do a quick push. I think I have mastered the build against it, but what if the push does not come? What if it is there and I hold it back with a lot of trouble? My conclusion from previous games is that doing a ground army is suicide. I have to go either fast arbiters or fast carriers? So how much tech and how many gateways are needed before transitioning into carriers? I’ve lost a lot of games going 2 gateways, so I probably need 3 or more… I also need observers, although not as early as I once though.

I still think that the worst part is figuring out what the Terran is going to do. He controls the game-flow. I just need to figure his timings out.


  1. Do you play Zerg, Protoss, Terran? Playing Zerg against terran is a bit hard, but u could TvT.

  2. I play Terran, and most likely suck worse than you, but if you want to hit me up on iccup (FrogStomp19) I'll be happy to play a few games.

  3. I'll look you up, but I usually play in the evening and that is probably around noon where you are...

  4. You shouldn't skip ground army. You can't defend your exps without them. Air comes way too late for that.

  5. depends on what you do to prepare for that early push if you make units then if it doesnt come push out yourself. not sure how this will work since i stopped playing for a while though.