Thursday, June 25, 2009


So I was called bad mannered and rude earlier today in a game. I think that was BM and rudely done by my opponent. Basically I played versus a Terran player who had clearly gained an advantage and he asked me to leave. I declined as I had still two bases (two to his one), but probably fewer workers. I though: I will probably loose this game, but I can still practice my micro a bit more.

He said he had to go and implied that it would be rude of me, not to give him his win. I replied that if he had to go, he should not have joined a game. After all, we had only played for about 10 minutes then.

I do think hiding a pylon in the corner and not conceding the game when that is all that you have left is rude, but wanting to play a game to its end, even after it most likely have been decided, is not. At least that is my view.

Looking at his stats, I can see that he is the kind of player that quickly goes up to D+ in level, then reset his account so he can be matched up against sucky players like me. I go on iccup to find opponents at my own level, others to beat up n00bs.


  1. So did you get the win? Did he leave?

  2. No, he stayed and got his win. But where I would normally concede the game when I myself was 100% sure that I had lost, I made him take out all my buildings (but I did not hide a pylon in the corner).

  3. Ah ... then you were a bit rude then. Perfectly understandable though!

  4. meh, by that point the terran deserved the rudeness though, you never start a match you dont have time to finish then try to force the other player to concede because "You want your win" regardless of whether you are already winning or not.
    (from my experience, starcraft games can turn around in a split second no matter the result)


  5. you're absolutely right, thats just stupid asking you to leave