Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hwangsanbul 1.2

I'm not quite sure how I feel about this map. It plays like something in between Lost Temple/Python and an island map.

I recently played a game as Protoss vs. a Terran on this map (replay).

At first I was nervous as I almost always am. Then I decided to expand and tech. So I mined away the 56 mineral patch blocking my one ramp and expanded while I tried to get out observers. If you go fast observers, then a reaver/shuttle combo is the logical follow up. Unfortunately I found my opponent the last place I checked and my drop was late and not very successful. At least I did not loose my shuttle. He countered with a vulture raid on my mineral line. Apparently vultures rape the chrysalis that block the other ramp up. I saved most of my probes and then his vultures ran into the new reaver just built in my base.

imageLucky for me, not so much for him. I wondered what to do then and expanded again while I pumped out more units. I tried controlling the center and even tried a direct attack with zealots and a few dragoons on his expansion. The narrow access to the expansion was good for his concentrated tank fire and bad for my units. I did succeed in delaying his second expansion and only later realized that I could have attacked his main the other way around. Silly me.


I was now in some kind of panic. His base seemed impossible to attack, but I thought I was ahead in resources and expansions, so I went hard carriers thinking that it was the newbiest thing to do. Something he would easily anticipate and counter. I tried to hold back my carriers until I had a lot of them, but he dropped my most recent expansion and I had to use my 5-6 carriers to defend it. I guess he then realized that he was in trouble and had to finish the game before I had more. A very critical battle took place outside my main and he lost all his tanks and vultures.

Then I went on a search and destroy mission with my carriers to take out his newest expansions. imageHe managed to get out a lot of wraiths and goliaths, but before they could kill my carriers I managed to destroy two expansions.

At this point he had only one expansion left and it was totally unguarded so I took it out with attack-moving zealots and the game was over.

Even though I won, I still know I sucked pretty badly. I badly misused my only stasis and I have to relearn how to use this spell. I also messed up badly in my production. As I got more and more units and buildings I lost track of what was hotkeyed to what and for long periods of time my gateways were idle. I also thought I was way ahead on expansions at all time and although I was ahead, it wasn't by nearly as much as I thought.

Finally, looking at the replay I realized that he had a higher unit count than me for a very long time. For once I was happy that Terrans are not as mobile as Protoss.


  1. wow you made it sound so exciting I just HAD to watch it. Man, I believe if you didn't get carriers you would have lost it. Halfway through the game it seemed you were going to lose. Nice comeback!

    If you want to try a little 1v1 with me let me know ;-)

  2. Sure, I'd like to play a game or two against you. There are some slight time zone issues as I assume you are in EST?

    My messenger id is mkr(at)egmont dot dk. Don't email the address, as I don't read it.

  3. aah What kind of messenger is it? And your id is "mkr(at)egmont dot dk"?

  4. Messenger as in MSN Live Messenger :-) And it is an email-address. I just slightly obfuscated it as to not get it to heavily spammed.

  5. Confusion. It says you don't exist.

  6. lol thats sad... I'm talking to someone who doesn't even exist! JK lol

    But seriously good comeback during that game! I was hoping you were gonna recall when I saw the arbiter tribunal but instead you used it for stasis. Remember: arbiters and carriers are REALLY useful when Hallucinated! Opponent can't easily tell the difference! =) This protects you when fighting air attacks( I once actually sent 4 carriers and a shuttle filled with 4 HTs to confuse a terran and it worked better than I had hoped! The noob I faced saw a puff of smoke and recognized the hallucination. Then he left his base(main) to attack my 4th. I don't have the replay anymore but it was hilarious. I went on to stop his production and over ran his other bases with carriers + hallucinated arbiters+ 2 arbiters+ that shuttle from the attack on his main. I ended up having gathered less resources and made less units but spent the most and killed the most! Half of getting resources is spending it! Remember this whenever your playing and really trying to win!(EVERY GAME OF COURSE)

    Singing off,
    BabyToss with long messages lol