Saturday, October 20, 2012

Heart of the Swarm

I got a beta key last night. Wuhu!image

I just played my first game where I random’ed against a zerg and lost. I ended up as Terran and of course I had to see if I could rely on widow mines. They are kinda fun in large numbers, but they probably still take some knowledge to use efficiently.

In the end I lost to ling/ultra and then he switched to swarm hosts for the humiliation effect.

The things I wondered about the most was whether there were any general improvements to in the beta, but unfortunately no. No shared replay watching, no automatic mini tournaments. Basically just the plain old Hopefully they will add that later and the game I just downloaded just tests the multiplayer balance.

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  1. I just got my invite yesterday as well! I'll be making a post soon about it as well. I agree though, I'm more excited for the full game because not much has changed.