Sunday, September 23, 2012

Season 8 Status

According to tradition I kinda owe a posting on how Season 8 ended for me. End result was about 150 1v1s plated and a end result as around #15 in my Platinum division (not that you really can compare that to anything).

I think it was a confusing season. Statistics shows that I did slightly better against Terran and Protoss compared to in Season 7 (and slightly worse against Zerg, which is annoying as ZvZ for a long time has been my best match-up).

I still find it extremly hard to beat both Terrans and Protoss as they can be so passive and just roll me over in the late game. In ZvZ I’ve decided to become better at taking my 3rd base, as I’ve run into some limitations to my 2-base muta opening. Not to the extend of it costing me games, but because I can see an opportunity to be even better at this matchup -- I wish I could see similar oppertunites vP and vT.


  1. I live in Pittsburgh and I love StarCraft. Even though it can be frustrating at times and you know that there is always some one better than you out there. For me its like speed chess, but with bacon and ninjas, you'll never be the best but its fun to try and out smart another player even just once. The company I work for also uses the StarCraft II Game Engine to teach students how to make great game mods. If you are interested in getting paid to help students learn about StarCraft II you should check us out.
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  2. Thanks for the job-offer. Could be fun, but probably impractical given that I live in Copenhagen/Denmark and already have a full time job :-).