Sunday, December 4, 2011

SQ Insight

I’ve just read the interesting article about SQ ratings on teamliquid and simply had to see if there was anything in this number that I could learn from. In order to do that I calculated the SQ ratings based on the last 8 games that I, Bartokaj and Sethos have played in 1v1. Bartokaj and Sethos being two of my friends.

I’m gold looking to advance to platinum, Sethos is a solid Diamond player and Bartokaj is in Silver. According to the article, there is a an expectation that the difference in SQ rating are reflected more or less in league. Bronze: 45’ish, Silver: 45-50, Gold: 50-55, Platinum: 55-60, Diamond: 60-70, Master: 70-80 and Grand Master: 80 and above.

  Me Bartokaj Sethos
1 66 55 72
2 60 47 75
3 55 62 73
4 65 48 50
5 63 43 55
6 66 58 53
7 54 77 65
8 63 60 49
Average 62 56 62

I don’t know whether the expected values are because the data for the original analysis is from the North American ladder or what. I don’t think the values I found in my own small study reflects the expected levels very well.

However, looking at my own numbers, I wonder why I have so high an unspent average as I do. Right now I play Zerg, and as a Zerg you are often limited by the number of larva and I am often not so concerned about how much money I have in the bank. Holding my money there allows me to instantly make 25 supply worth of what ever I need. Had I already spent the money, my options would be more limited.

In the early game I can see that I could work more on having enough larva available. I’ve already started working on that recently by getting my third hatchery quite early compared to a month ago.

Anyways, it is really interesting to compare your gameplay via a analysis like this and look at what you can easily do to improve this aspect of your game.

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  1. I only skimmed over it, but that SQ article looks fascinating. I've always been intrigued by the relationship between unspent resources and the game outcome.

    Just looking at the basic math, I'm also always amazed how much spending potential you have off one base (~700 minerals, ~250 gas per min). And off two or three? Do we double/triple our unit production when we expand? I know I don't :(

    I've heard in the "lower" leagues, focusing on your macro and producing units has a bigger benefit than trying to improve your micro skills.