Sunday, November 27, 2011

Back to Basics: I Still Suck at this Game

I suddenly realized that I have been living in a gaming illusion for the last year. When the beta came out, I found myself in Diamond even though I never made it higher than C- on iCCup. I told myself that I was only good and high ranked in comparison to all the new players on, but despite that the feeling that I belonged in the top was so easy to get used to.

I guess that the two times I have dropped down to Bronze to make my way up was a way of feeling good about my skills. But right now I have a hard time making it higher than platinum. That is embarrassing.

I guess I will have to take some time to recalibrate my expectations. That sounds tough.


  1. Sounds like Blizzard's goal of making you feel accomplished regardless of your skill level is working ;)

    Did you see the SC2 blog post about league promotions? One way to "almost guarantee" a promotion to diamond (in EU) is 770 rank points in platinum by the end of the season. That's a lot of games - and many more games won than lost.

    Each season, players are getting better, and the player pool is getting less "casual". In other places, Blizzard has said their target for diamond is top 5% of the "active" population. Though am I just confirming your realization?

    Was C- the highest you got when you were "fairly good" as your blog title says? (I didn't play BW so don't know how significant C- is.)

  2. Honestly? I was fairly good when everybody was bad. That was in about 2000. ICCup came along much later than that and I managed to hit C- as part of starting this blog. C- is nothing.

    And yeah, I did see that blog post about points and all. Realisticly I cannot play more than about 100 games a season. I have a fulltime job and all, so I'll probably never be Grand Master :-)