Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Season II

I really haven’t played since season II started. That is I played my placement match on the very first day and got placed in platinum. I kinda knew that would happen as only the season lock-down kept my smurf account in gold.


A couple of days later I played 3 games in a row and won two of them. The one I lost was basically due to me being stupid.

I’m finding that playing TvT has lost its charm. I’m still winning most of those games, but it feels kinda tough now compared to silver and bronze (I suppose that is only fair). TvZ is dominated by banelings which I find to be a very annoying unit that kinda breaks the game. TvP is still fun although very, very hard to win.

I guess I will eventually play some more game as I‘m very curious as to whether I can make it into diamond as Terran.

I’ve also contemplated what to do with my main account? Should I go down to bronze and reroll as zerg? I’m not so sure I would find it as much fun as what I have been doing with Terran.


  1. Reroll Zerg? Yeah why not? It would give you a unique insight into all 3 races.

  2. more than 1 account? I see opportunity for a 1v1!