Saturday, April 16, 2011

Noob l2p

I’ve taken a brief break from playing Terran to practise some Zerg on my main account. I’ve played 6 games so far, got placed in Diamond (probably thanks to all the protoss games I played on that account) and have done decently well after that.


At least one sign of you playing “ok” is that your opponent is bad mannered. Notice how I’ve basically rushed his base and run it over since he had no units, and he is implying that I am a cheesy noob! The pinnacle of it all is the Dark Templar Shrine he was going straight for while only building 2 units before putting it down!

I find that hilarious!


  1. yeah fafner ever heard of the no attack 20 min rule blizzard impleementet?!? get readdy to get banned man!

  2. That wasn't a very nice thing he did to your mother

  3. I don't think that just happens when you are good lol. Although it might be a good indicator >.<.

    I noticed that there has been a lot more bad mannered players in online games over the past few years, and it's only growing. I wonder if it's because games are now having a large audience, or is people just changing?

  4. bad manners are awesome, i love trash talk, myself and then other does it its all fucking awesome! bring it on you cocksuckers

  5. Lol trash talk for the win! All the Best Starcraft 2 Players do it!

  6. hahaha he is the one that needs to learn to play lol