Monday, February 28, 2011


My smurf account was promoted to Gold league and suddenly I hit a bump in the road. This bump coincided with the new 1v1 ladder maps, which has undoubtedly made games more macro intensive and generally played hell with the timing attacks which have served me so well from Bronze to Gold.


To my surprise I’ve suddenly started to lose to Zergs and I suspect that is because Zergs in Gold has perfected most one base plays and I am still not comfortable enough with to Terran to know when a safe expand is possible. I could just do one base plays myself to counter this, but that is sucky in the long term and I won’t be trapped into that.

Anyways, while contemplating what to do against Zerg, I’ve tried to experiment with banshees vs. Protoss. They are fun!


But they are also really hard to get when faced with a determined 4-gate by a competent Protoss. There is definitely some work ahead of me before I start not sucking as Terran.

On and for the record. My stats are 71-49 by now or 71-24 if I take away the 25 loses I took on purpose.


  1. Those are fine stats arent they?

  2. What? Are you saying Banshees are imba? I can't hear you over the prop wash and the roar of my dual missile launchers!


    and yeah there will always be a bump when trying to break through with a new race.

  4. I used to have trouble with facing Zerg. Every Zerg player I face will go either fast expand into Roaches or fast expand into Banelings. These are high Platinum to Diamond players too.

    I have found that the best counter attack when they go for Banelings is to get mass Hellions. Build to Refineries early on since you will need that gas to build two factories. Start out standard as always like this. Be sure to wall off.

    10 supply depot
    12 barracks and refinery while barracks is building
    14 supply depot to seal ramp to prevent a possible ling rush
    17 orbital command

    Then get your second gas and saturate. Build the 2 factories as you keep producing workers, and marines. Be sure to scout and see if they are going for a banelings nest.

    Then once the first factory is done attach a tech lab and research the hlleion blue flame upgrade and then have a reactor on the second factory. Mass up those hellions and then send them to kite the zerglings and banelings.

    Check out this article if you want the details. Hope this helps.

  5. Wow Im glad I found your Blog... it's very similar to what i'm doing, that is, working my way up from bronze while blogging my experience.

    Im going to be spending a few hours reading back through all of your articles methinks :)

  6. lol ziggy he is diamond protoss, smurfing with terran, haha he is best player out there.

  7. I may be smurfing as Terran. Currently I am in Gold, wondering how to be promoted to Platinum _as_ Terran. The experience of going from bottom to the top is acutally not quite what I expected.

    I think a lot of respect is deserved for those in any league trying systematically to improve. They may, as I do, suck right now, but they are on the right path.

  8. yeah its actually alot of seemingly little things that makes the diffrence when you watch a gold and even slver players alot of what they are doing seems pretty resonable nad it is they are just missing the last few things, these things can offcourse vary from player to player, the most noticible is the suttle timings how many secounds are they losing from building x to building x, how much are they queing, are they constantly produing units,
    Also things like do they have a feeling for is this a battle i want to engage in or should i notengage the enemy at this time / place.

    But instead of focusing on these things we see alot of players focusing on what units to build together to make a nice little ball of doom, and well most players down to silver even in bronze are actually producing the "right" stuff.