Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Late Game TvP is hard!

That is a seriously hard match-up. Playing something other than Protoss is enlightening in a way I had hoped it would be. My smurf account is still in Silver and I just had an epic game against a player from Gold. Yeah, I know it sounds pathetic, but that is where I am at the moment.


In this game I was a victim of a dual gas steal. I countered fairly well and then met up with his dark templars. Even that did I survive, just to be met with a torrent of high templars and psi-storm. Annoying.

At the same time did my multiple ravens kill one base outright, harass another and simultaneously did a cloaked banshee get 21 kills in his main. And yet he kept coming. I find that mech works best late game, but without spider mines the matchup feels more shaky than in Brood War. Maybe I should have had more hellions and gotten ghosts earlier? I don’t know, but in the heat of the battle it is kind of hard to tell.

I was constantly short of gas, but his zealots requires no gas. Right now I feel tempted to go back to playing Protoss for a few games just to see if I can make it work from that side.

51 game minutes for one game. Probably my longest and most nerve wrecking game so far.

Download Replay here.


  1. I have a problem with late game TvP as well. The only way I can win this match up is by going bio. I abuse Terran's mobility and try to make sure his economy can't grow enough to give me huge problems in the late game. However once the psy-storms start I'm in the same boat you are. I find the end result depends on my EMP blasts. If the high templars have there energy im toast.

  2. High templars are no problem, colossus is a problem, serious one