Friday, October 22, 2010

Terran Mirror Troubles

I has been playing a few Custom Games after I realized that you could smurf there and be matched up against people without a clue. It’s a good place to practice my Terran gameplay which by far is my weakest.

So today I met SouL in a Terran mirror match on Xel’Naga Caverns (download replay).

IScreenshot2010-10-22 18_34_07 tried a ghost rush which he stopped cold and then I was in trouble as he was containing me a pushing in with tanks. I thought that I had lost the game for sure, but tried to play on and it turned out to be a really exiting and long game.

For a long time I was under pressure and forgot to build SCVs, and yet I slowly clawed my way back into the game. One point I found particularly exiting was when I expanded before I had cleared out his containment and had to attack while building my command center under fire.

Eventually the game turned into covering the entire map and with Screenshot2010-10-22 18_37_30two maxed out Terran armies.

What I still wonder is whether his tech switch to thors was cost effective versus my tanks or if they again were countered by my marauders? At least I think I conclude that in viking vs. viking battles you cannot run away and the guy with the lowest number will always lose.

After the game was over I looked up my opponent and realized that he like me, played Protoss on the ladder and that our score there was about the same.

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  1. Yes i recently discovered the custom games as well, they seem more relaxed and if i lose, there is no penalty.

    Its good to switch up your race from time to time, helps give you a new perspective and even helps your matchups against that race as you better understand how they work.